Monday, August 18, 2008

Getting Elmo to Play Nicely can be a Trick

A few teachers are noting some troubles with hooking up their new laptops to their Elmo document cameras.

The trickiest task is actually finding and selecting the right Elmo software. I have struggled with this in the past. Unlike other drivers that I have used where a generic piece of software covers a whole range of products, Elmos are very picky and need one exact version.

Here is a link to the Elmo download page where you can select your appropriate model's software as well as an updated user's manual.

Elmo download archive

Once you download the file, drag the "Elmo Utility Software (VHM)" folder into Applications. You will find the "Image Mate for Presentation (VHM)" program inside. Double click it and you SHOULD, big word there, should be in business.