Friday, March 28, 2008

Let Mac for Office Team Teach You

At this year's mega Mac World conference, Microsoft launched the Office suite of tools we have on our new Mac Book Pro computers.

In addition to the launch, Microsoft presented a series of seminars called "A Day at the Office". The presentation was designed to acquaint users with the key features of the various applications. The audio from each session was recorded and combined with video that captured the presenter's computer screen. These videos are available at the Office for Mac blog and also linked here.

Entourage 2008: Regaining Control of Your Day (.mov file)

Word 08: Dcouments Made Easy (.mov file)
Excel 2008: Streamlined, Compatible, Results Oriented (.mov file)
PowerPoint 2008: Compelling Presentations with Point and Click Ease (.mov file)
Office Integration: Tying It All Together (.mov file)

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