Monday, April 21, 2008

Atomic Learning Shows You How

Are you wondering what all of these new "thingies" on the bottom of your new MacBook Pro are and do? Well, Atomic Learning is an immensely helpful set of video tutorials that take you step by step through just about any application on your computer.

Take the new iMovie '08 for example. It isn't like any version of iMovie you have ever seen. Instead of just playing with it and trying to discover things on your own, let an expert guide you. Stop, rewind, and replay instructions at your own pace. What is very helpful is that Atomic Learning breaks the topic down into specialized sections, with each feature or technique being its own short piece. There is no wading through a bunch of stuff you already know. Just jump to your specific needs. For iMovie 08, there are 80 total videos divided into 9 sections.

Atomic Learning divides its library into Mac, PC, and All.

A final feature that can really help teachers is the way Atomic Learning has linked its videos to state standards. Find the objectives you are looking to accomplish in the classroom and Atomic Learning will offer up "Lesson Accelrator Project Launchers". These not only include lesson plans but tons of how-to videos for making the integration successful. Here is one called "How Big is a Foot?".

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